When 74-Year Old Sikh Man, Pritam Singh, Was Featured On Billboards At Times Square

Your mind would be blown to know that a 74-Year Old Sikh Man was once featured on the prestigious Billboards at Times Square, New York. Pritam Singh achieved this feat in 2019 when he was featured at Times Square, New York during an endorsement of ‘Dollar Shave Club’.

Dollar Shave Club is actually a California-based company that specializes and deals mainly in Men’s grooming products. Pritam is a resident of Northridge, California, USA. The company revealed that they chose Pritam Singh for the endorsement just because he was a Sikh and exhibited the diversity of their country. Even the tagline of the commercial was “Beard oil because for some people beards are religion”. 

Pritam revealed that he had no idea his picture was being displayed at Times Square. He was notified about it by one of his friends who lives in New York and was passing by Times Square. The commercial was shot in Universal City, California sometime before he made it to Times Square.

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It was in 1983 that actor and model Pritam Singh moved to the USA from Patiala, India. During his initial years, he had to go through hard struggles but slowly and gradually, he went on to set up a real estate business in the US. He has even played small roles in various popular Hollywood movies like Hancock, Sleeper Cell, Princess Diaries, Spider Man (2002) and Naked Gun. Pritam Singh’s son, Amandeep Singh is also an aspiring actor and has appeared in a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Pritam Singh has also been a part of the Screen Actors Guild for many years. The man has surely made his whole community proud. A turban wearing 74 year old being featured at the prestigious billboards is a thing of pride for the Sikh Community. It just shows how the community is proving its presence worldwide and making a statement in all fields at international stages. 

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