Why Simi Chahal Said ‘Yes’ To Pakko’s Role In Bambukat?

It took years for a multinational company to realize that Fair isn’t always lovely, and they finally dropped the word Fair from their best selling product. But did you realize that Punjabi actress Simi Chahal was supporting this campaign way before?

The actress who completes four years in the industry today started her career with Bambukat. The movie which released in 2016, was directed by Pankaj Batra. The movie was based around Chaann Singh and his better half Pakko played by Simi. Pakko was a homely girl who was time and again judged by her dark color and not her deeds. Simi who boldly chose the role of Pakko was then appreciated for her acting skills. Not only we could make out that she is here stay but we know that the actress has the guts to take up a non-glamorous role like this in her debut movie itself.

Why the sequel of Bambukat could never be made?

The movie not only had a great storyline but the characters were well written and deeply defined. But in a multi starer movie like this Pakko outshined and we fell in love with Pakko’s role. The message that the movie left us with was nothing different than Fair isn’t always lovely. And it is the deeds of a human being that makes you lovely.

Talking to Simi herself about why she choose such a risky role as her debut one she shared, “As I was referred for this when I heard the script I was more than elated to say Yes. The role was so well written and deep that it excited me to do something so challenging. Without thinking much I said yes to this one and the rest is history.”

Did you expect such a response when you said yes to the movie?

“I absolutely had no expectations when I signed the movie. But when I saw people loving the role so much, I thought the right message is passed to them.”

Having said that, kudos to the actress who signed such a bold role for her debut movie. There has to be appreciation and acknowledgment that she gave the right kind of message to the society. Not only we support such acts but we should also encourage females leads to break the stereotypical myths and come out with strong opinions through their actions.

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