Youngest In Charge Is The Promotional Track For Congress From Sidhu Moosewala?

The teaser for one of the most awaited songs ever, Youngest In Charge by Sidhu Moosewala and Sunny Malton has finally been dropped. The song had a months-long wait before Sidhu decided to finally drop the teaser and this would mark the return of Sunny and Sidhu on a track after years! But, there is an important thing to notice in the teaser, it has various political references.

Since Sidhu has joined the Congress and will be contesting Punjab Assembly Elections 2022 from the Mansa seat, the teaser has various scenes showing a Congress flag! It also shows Newspaper clips regarding Sidhu joining Congress and Punjab Assembly Polls 2022. This makes the audience wonder whether it’s a promotional track for Congress.

Source: SMW YT Channel

Sidhu had previously mentioned in one of his interviews that he could probably come up with a track for Congress during elections! Is ‘Youngest In Charge’ that track?

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Another interesting thing to note is the title of the song and its reference to Sidhu’s position in Politics. Sidhu Moosewala is currently one of the youngest bloods in Punjab Congress and is going to contest elections, which could give him the ‘charge’ of Mansa, provided he wins the seat.

‘Youngest In Charge’, now we get an idea of what the title is trying to convey! The youngest politician taking charge, could Sidhu be delivering this message by the title of the song?

Even Sunny Malton’s voice-over monologue is directly pointing out Sidhu Moosewala’s political progression. Though it is not yet confirmed by either Sidhu or his team, if the song is actually meant for the above-mentioned purposes, the graphics and the monologue in the song makes us believe it. Rest can only be known once the song is officially released.

Source: SMW YT Channel

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