5 Reasons Why There Are No Sex Or Intimate Scenes In Punjabi Movies

The days are gone when Punjabi Cinema was only limited to making comedy movies or movies about NRIs. The industry has grown and is growing with every passing day. With the artists trying different & unique roles, bold scripts and delivering messages with every new movie, Punjabi Film Industry has grown in the most beautiful way.

But still, there’s a long way to go. As it is said, “There is always a scope of improvement”. We see big global industries like Bollywood, Hollywood and other overseas industries, not hesitating to show romantic scenes in their movies. We have even seen kissing scenes, sex scenes and intimate scenes in their movies and it does not amaze us. We are used to watching them, but it is not the same in the case of the Punjabi Industry. 

Punjabi Industry still seems to have a distance with sex or intimate scenes, or even Kissing scenes! There are very few, and almost no notable examples of movies that have explored this genre of cinema.

5 Reasons Why Punjabi Cinema Is Still Reluctant To Presenting Adult Scenes 

1. Punjabi Audience Is Awkward With Them

Like mentioned earlier, we have not seen many such scenes in Punjabi movies. So we cannot disagree on the fact that Punjabi audience is not ‘used to’ seeing sex or intimate scenes in the movies. Imagine such a scene suddenly pops up in a Punjabi movie, you’ll surely be surprised or even awkward at some point.

2. The Community Disagrees With The Idea

Punjab is a region with rich culture and heritage. The community is held together with a certain set of principles, which, if denied, can cause trouble. There are various sections of the Punjabi Community who do not agree with the idea of sex or intimate scenes in movies. The industry is even afraid of legal actions from various sections of the community if they explore this genre.

3. Punjabi Actors Are Not Comfortable

Most importantly, many actors and actresses working in the Punjabi film industry are not ‘Okay’ with doing such scenes. Some of the most renowned Punjabi actors and actresses specifically mention that they do not want any sex or intimate scenes in their movies. Diljit Dosanjh, one of the biggest names in the Punjabi industry, has it in his clause that he wouldn’t do any movies involving intimate scenes. Many have even rejected big projects just because they required them to do sex scenes. Some actors’ families are not okay with them doing these scenes. They think that it would bring them disgrace.

4. Punjabi Filmmakers Aim At Making Family Movies

Punjabi filmmakers, production houses, directors and actors are dedicated to creating movies that are family-friendly. That is the main reason we see comedy as the most common genre in Punjabi Industry. Even in movies bringing up serious issues, light comedy is expected, only to make them family-friendly. 

5. Sardars Can’t Be Shown In Such Scenes

A major reason behind the absence of sex and intimate scenes is that many actors in Punjabi movies are turban-wearing Sardars. The community is not yet accepting of letting Sardars be shown in such scenes. In this case, even Bollywood is reluctant to show Sardars in intimate scenes. 

These are some of the major reasons why we do not see sex or intimate scenes in Punjabi Industry, despite it getting broader and bigger everyday. A part of the public is still not accepting of this genre while another section of the public is of the opinion that this is in fact a reality of life. Sex, Kiss or Intimacy is a part of our life and the only problem is that the audience and the makers view it differently. 

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As the industry is trying new genres everyday, can we expect someone to take a bold step to introduce such scenes in Punjabi movies? Do you think Punjabi Industry should go for it? 

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