A Couple Selling Chaap Together In Mohali Due To Financial Crises Earned Love & A Full-Time Job From Social Media

We all have grown up listening to & reading various love stories like Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu and various magical fairy tales. But unfortunately, life is less of stories and more of harsh realities. 

In today’s world, we don’t experience such magical love stories, because things here are a lot more factual. 

But that doesn’t mean that true love does not exist. Recently a newly wed couple from Mohali have set new standards of love, care and support in a relationship. 

Recently YouTube Channel Akhar shared the interview video of a couple who sell Chaap in Sector 7, Mohali. While the interview was on, it made the audience extremely emotional as the struggle story of the newly wed couple was heart-touching. The couple shared how they were planning to go abroad but circumstances made their plans flop hence they decided to start the work here only. 

The lady also decided to help her husband and said no matter in what condition my husband will work, I will stand beside him and help him. The lady also won our hearts as she said that her father has always taught her that no work is small and you should always be proud of what you do. Also, there is nothing to do with what other people will talk or think about you because at the end you’re the one who will earn for you. 

The video went viral on social media and various popular pages shared the same with their audience. This made the couple popular and earned them loads of love and support.

You can watch the complete Interview video here,

But this is not all. Because a big & good news has been recently added to this inspiring and lovely story. The lady who was helping her husband is a postgraduate and has been offered a job by Women Commission Mohali. 

Manisha Gulati, the chairperson of Women’s Commission of Punjab recently went to meet the couple personally and appreciated their efforts. She also offered a job to the lady and announced that she will be the ‘Ambassador of Youth’.

She shared the live video on her Facebook page while she was meeting her. And in the caption, she wrote,

Today I have come to visit this talented and hardworking daughter who is so well educated and I am proud of her that she is working hard and standing with her husband in these hard times. Today I have declared this daughter as the ‘Ambassador of Youth’ and at the same time she is honored by the Commission. I hope this daughter will be driving force path for other girls in Punjab.”


We are extensively motivated and proud of the couple as they have really set the standards of real relationships high. 

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