A Pakistani Kulfi Seller Goes Viral For His Resemblance With Donald Trump

We all have heard that there are at least 7 doppelgangers or look-alikes of one person in the world. 

And will you believe it if we tell you there is a man who looks exactly like Donald Trump lives in Pakistan?

A man from Pakistan can make you rub your eyes at least twice and still you might stay confused. This man is Saleem Bagga who sells kulfi in Pakistan. 

Believe us, if you ever happen to walk on the streets of Sahiwal, Pakistan, and come across this man you might believe he is former US President Donald Trump. Saleem Bagga is a common man who’s looks resembled Donald Trump. 

Various news channels are reaching out to him interviewing him which has made him even more popular.

It all started when videos showing him selling kulfi on the streets went viral on social media and the netizens were shocked to notice his resemblance with former US President Donald Trump. 

His rising popularity on social media attracted news channels to have a conversation with him.

In his interviews, Saleem Bagga revealed that he sells Kulfis and sings on the streets while moving his cart. His unique style of selling kulfis is inspired from his father as he used to teach him to shout loudly to sell kulfis. He also shared that this is all he does for his living as he sells kulfis throughout the year.


By the way, what would you do if you met him? Would you like to buy a delicious kulfi or ask him for a selfie?

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