All You Need To Know About Dhawal Purohit, The Teacher Going Viral For His Funny ‘Quarter’ Video

Social media and the internet are fun spaces. It takes no time to viral anything on social media. None knows what gets people’s eye and it gets famous instantly. Meme community plays a great part in making a content viral by sharing their best humorous memes. One such recent video made headlines and got viral on the internet. It was the ‘Quarter’ video and the teacher in it who impressed us. You might have guessed what we are talking about. 

The teacher in the ‘Quarter’ video is Dhawal Purohit who is a CA and the founding member of Ednovate, an online coaching institute for CA examinations. In the viral video he asked one of his students, Hetvik, to answer ‘What does a quarter make?’. To which the student replied ‘30 ml makes a quarter’ which made Prof. Dhawal responded in a funny way.

Hearing the ‘30 ml makes a quarter’ remark, Dhawal Purohit reacted, “Ek quarter mein 20 ml nahi hota dobee”, with a witty face expression and this is what made the teacher go viral all over the internet. 

People, seeing the video, wanted justice for the student who replied to the question and demanded to make Hetvik famous too. Comment section was filled with the chucklesome comments and humorous remarks on both the teacher and the student. Twitteratti too flooded the platform with the tweets and shared their experience and memories with Dhawal Purohit. Take a look at them: 

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