Amberdeep Singh Confirms The Sequel Of Teeja Punjab, Release Date Inside

The Amberdeep Singh directed, recently released movie, Teeja Punjab, has been loved by the audience so much that they have already started demanding the second part of the movie. Teeja Punjab was based on the struggles of the farmers and their families. 

Teeja Punjab got an immense response from the audience, Nimrat Khaira’s character as Mohni and Amberdeep’s character as her husband were well appreciated too. The fans were waiting for the news of the sequel of this film and for the surprise the director has confirmed it now. 

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In a recent interview, Amberdeep Singh was asked about his plans on making the sequel of Teeja Punjab. To this the actor-director said that he has been thinking of it for a few days now and after hearing the demands from the audience too, he has made up his mind to do so. Amberdeep confirmed it by saying that he will definitely come up with ‘Teeja Punjab 2’ soon. 

“People demand for the sequel of any movie only when they loved the first one and I am overwhelmed with the response that the audience has given to the film. I was thinking of planning Teeja Punjab 2 and seeing the amazing response it has now been confirmed and I am coming up with the sequel of Teeja Punjab”, said Amberdeep.

Not just this, in another post the director also confirmed the release date of the film. And as per the caption posted, Teeja Punjab 2 would be released on 18 March 2022. It would be based on the Gazipur border events and the happenings that took place during the farmers’ protest.

This announcement by the director has raised the excitement of the fans, they are all set to witness the sequel of Teeja Punjab soon. There are many amazing movies lined up for their release in 2022 and if the release of Teeja Punjab 2 is going to happen in the same year then it will be cherry on the cake. Moreover, people have already started marking up their calendars for the coming year. 

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