Babbu Mann Announces ‘Hawayein 2’, Currently In Its Writing Phase

Released in 2003, ‘Hawayein’ was an intense cinematic excellence based on the real-life events of the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984. It also marked the debut of Babbu Mann as an actor and producer in the Bollywood industry. The film attracted a lot of public appreciation and there is good news for the audience, ‘Hawayein 2’ is coming!

Babbu Mann announced the sequel to the intense 2003 film, in a press interaction. A journalist asked the singer-actor if he had any plans about Hawayein 2. And we got the reply we were waiting for! Babbu Mann told him that he is working on Hawayein 2 and it is currently in its writing phase. He jokingly told the journalist that he wanted the artist to mess with the government once again?

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Amidst all the conversation, Babbu Mann went on to announce Hawayein 2. He added that he got the idea of the sequel to the 2003-film, during the farmers’ protest. The farmers’ of the country recently returned back to their homes after a protest of over 1 year. They returned victorious and ended the year long protest. Babbu Mann was inspired by the protest and thought of making Hawayein 2.

The 2003 Hawayein was a superhit film starring Babbu Mann, Ammtoje Mann, Mukul Dev, Mahi Gill and many more renowned artists of the industry. Babbu Maan not only played the important role of ‘Kanpuria’ but was also the singer of all the 8 tracks of the movie’s album. 

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As Babbu Maan got the idea of Hawayein 2 from the farmers’ protest, we can believe that the movie might be based on farmers’ protest or atleast have it as an important element in the story. The audience has been awaiting the sequel to the film for a long time and Babbu Mann’s words have come off as a blessing for his fans. Let’s wait for an official announcement from the artist’s side regarding the much awaited film.

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