Kokka: Neeru Bajwa Shares Funny Behind The Scene Moments From Trailer Of Upcoming Movie

Punjabi actors Neeru Bajwa and Gurnam Bhullar are all prepped for the release of their upcoming movie Kokka. The film’s trailer is out on YouTube and the fans are happily considering it the best concept and storyline ever made in Punjabi cinema. 

While the fans were already busy praising Neeru Bajwa and Gurnam for their characters in the trailer, Neeru has shared two super fun-to-know behind the scene incidents from the shooting sets. 

The actress took it to her Instagram account and shared two separate posts to narrate the funny off-screen moments. In the first video, she revealed the team’s experience meeting some mischievous guys who tried to disturb the shooting.

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In the video, Neeru narrates, “When I and Gurnam were shooting at approx 11 in the night on the streets, there were 4-5 white guys who started hooting and making noises. They were also speeding their bikes near us and we ignored them. We stopped the shooting and sometime later when we thought that they had gone away, we resumed the shooting.” 

She also added, “But soon after that, out of nowhere, we were attacked with eggs. This scared us and then more eggs started coming our way. We ran for cover and still did not react. After knowing that we weren’t interested in giving them any reaction, the guys got bored and went away.”


Meanwhile, Neeru also confessed that they felt a little embarrassed about what happened to them. And while we were not over the funny tale shared by Neeru, the actress shared another story in the next post. 

In another video post, Neeru announced the unplanned screen debut of her daughter Aanaya Kaur Jawandha. While narrating the interesting off-screen tale, Neeru said that the film’s team did not have enough people and junior artists to feature in the film, so they made Neeru’s daughter Aanaya sit at the side table in the cafeteria scene. Aanaya is seen sitting with Neeru’s hairstylist Kiran. 

The fans are cherishing these off-screen tales revealed by Neeru from Kokka’s trailer. We too found the stories extremely interesting and we are left curious to know more. 

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Coming to the credits of the film, it is written by Rupinder Inderjit, directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Bhanu Thakur. And the film is set to hit the silver screens on 20 May. 

If you haven’t checked the film’s trailer yet, check it here,

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