5 Benefits If Lightning Can Be Stored & Used As Electricity

You must have seen a number of lightning bolts in your lifetime. The lightning flashes might have frightened you or it may have sparked a curiosity in you that: what if lightning can be stored and used as electricity? 

This curiosity propelled us to put some weight on our brain to think about the benefits we can enjoy if lightning bolts can be converted into commercial usable electricity. After coming across many we have penned the 5 best benefits of lightning if it can be stored and used as electricity.

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Benefits Of Lightning If It Can Be Stored

1. A Bigger Source Of Energy

Each lightning flash contains a large amount of energy. A typical lightning bolt is about 300 million Volts and about 30,000 Amps. In comparison to household current which is 120 Volts and 15 Amps., a single lightning bolt’s energy is way too large. Now imagine if we can harness electricity from lightning, how bigger a source of energy it could become.

2. Could be a cheap source of energy

If science develops a better technique to harness or store electricity from the lightning bolts, it could become one of the cheapest sources of energy. Basically, the cost that would come out in the process will be only of harnessing or storing the current from the lightning, unlike thermal sources where coal’s cost is also included that eventually makes the energy expensive. However, this scenario is possible only if a cheaper technology to harness electricity from lightning flashes develops.

3. Everyone can get accessibility to electricity

As we have already discussed above, if an upgraded and cheaper technology develops in the future to harness the energy from lightning, it would make electricity more affordable. The affordable cost of energy stored from lightning will allow the people around the globe to get the accessibility to electricity. What would be a better benefit of lightning if this actually happens.

4. Can Make World Electric oriented

Just imagine if we get the ability to use lightning as a source of energy, and if a cheaper technology to store the energy from lightning debuts, it would bring down electricity bills and thus it could help the world go all-electric in no time.

5. Can help to conserve other resources

Well, simply if a lightning bolt can solve our electricity problems, it will directly help us to save other natural resources. As for now thermal power plants are the major source of electricity production. But if we can store lightning with a cheaper technology it would be a better replacement to other sources of energy. In this scenario our natural resources such as coal would be conserved automatically.

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So, these were some of many benefits that we can actually enjoy if lightning can be stored or used as electricity. For now, the process to harness electricity from lightning seems very expensive and near to impossible as the lightning strikes for a very small fraction of time and to catch that flash, the infrastructure and technology would be very expensive. However, science says nothing is impossible so we can hope that we get the ability to use lightning as a source of electricity in the future soon…

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