5 Best Moments From Karan Aujla’s Interview With Tarannum Thind

Karan Aujla’s recent album Making Memories garnered immense love from the audience. The album has broken several records till now and is ruling on charts and hearts of the people. 

After the massive popularity and love Karan Aujla gained with his album, he was recently seen in an interview with popular anchor Tarannum Thind. 

The interview was held on 6th of September on ‘Chai with T’ show on Tarannum  Thind’s  YouTube Channel. The video already has over 2 Lakhs views on it.

Here are five Best Moments From the Interview!

1. Karan Aujla About Badshah 

Talking about his collaboration with famous Rapper and singer Badshah, Aujla said before working with him he thought Badshah has a different thinking as he works in films and his genre is different than that of aujla. But after meeting him his perception about Badshah changed totally.

2. His First Hookline

Karan aujla said that whatever I am today that’s because of all the pain and struggles I have gone through. He wrote the hookline of his first song when he was 14 years old, inspired by the struggles he went through. 

3. When people said “Ehda Ki Banu”

Aujla while talking about losing his parents at a very young age said I use to feel very insecure as people used to stare at me and wonder what he will do in future, and so aujla didn’t want to face anybody. 

4. Aujla About International Students 

Talking about those students who go to Canada from India, aujla said they are very smart, we should not underestimate them. They themselves have figured out what job to do, where to live and also done all the paperwork themselves in a new country, so we should not underestimate them.

5. How Aujla Handles Fame 

Amid the interview when asked how he handles fame, aujla answered I myself knew that being humble is the number one thing. I knew I should not show off when I meet anybody in person as I also come from a middle class family.

The full Interview Of Karan Aujla With Tarannum Thind by clicking on the link provided below!

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