60Rs for Men, 70Rs for Women: Little Veg Seller’s Price Depends On Gender; Know the Reason

Buying vegetables and fruits is not less than a big task. Considering the soaring prices of these vegetables, it almost feels impossible to get the right and good quality vegetables at a reasonable price. Tomatoes are one of these vegetables whose prices keep on increasing. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the prices going up as tomatoes are one of the essential daily used vegetables. 

A video is getting viral on the internet in which a young boy is selling tomatoes. The most surprising part of the video is that he is selling these tomatoes at different rates to men and women. 

A reporter asks the boy how much these tomatoes cost to which he replies ₹60/kg to men and ₹70/kg to women. Upon asking why he asks for a different price, he says that “aurate tang karti hain zyada” ( women trouble more). He further says that women keep on saying we want this type of tomatoes or that one. Then the reporters tells him that the ideal rate is ₹50/kg so why this disparity? 

The shopkeeper tells the reporter that nothing comes in ₹50 and no vegetable vendor would sell these in less than ₹70. Upon asking for a rate list by the reporters, the boy shows her the exact rates which were mentioned on the list. The reporter was also surprised to see the rates as they were ₹70/ kg.

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