World Record? The Man Who Lost Job From OpenAI, Lands Into Another Company In Just 15 Minutes; Read How

Imagine, suddenly you get laid off by your company, what will you do? Job security is one of the biggest reasons that motivates every individual to thrive in their professional environment. But, what If you’re working sincerely in a company and suddenly you’re laid off by them? The difficulties and problems one goes through in finding a new job brings a whole new set of challenges for the employee. 

A similar situation happened with an X user but thankfully the universal forces were on his side which led to something unexpected. 

A user named Alex Cohen took to his official X account and shared how he got laid off from his company OpenAI because of a petty reason. Alex was in charge of putting together the presentations for the board meeting. No one disclosed the reason for his laying off but all he knew was that after a “wtf” text, his Slack and gmail were disabled. 

He wrote, “I was laid off from OpenAI today along with my boss Sam. I was the person in charge of putting together the presentations for our board meetings. No one has told me why I was let go but Sam texted me “wtf” and next thing I know my Slack and Gmail were disabled. I’m now looking for a new role, so if you’re hiring for investor relations, my DMs are open!”

After some time within 15-20 mins, the user took to X again and shared the good news of getting a new job as a lead AI researcher at

Users were stunned to see his post as he landed into a new job within less than sixty minutes of laying off. Users 

say that this might be a world record as getting a job within 15 minutes is not something that happens usually.

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