Beware If You Own These Cars! Toronto Police Reveals The Most Stolen Cars Of 2021

You may think expensive cars would be harder for thieves to steal than less costly ones. But thieves in Toronto prove this wrong. Recently a report has been released by Toronto Police, where a number of locked cars have been stolen. In the list the model and number of the vehicles have been reported. Not only this, police has also disclosed the scheme used by the thiefs,  they use the AirTags, a small circular device that can be tracked via the “Find My” app, to locate the vehicle at the victim’s residence. Also various other methods were also used by them to steal the vehicle like using tools like screwdrivers to gain entry through the passenger or driver side door.

The list, issued shows that the vehicle make and model with the most thefts this year is the Honda CR-V. So far, there have been 654 auto theft incidents involving this vehicle, according to police. Interestingly these cars are mostly bought by NRIs and Indians who land in Canada.

Here are the top 10 stolen vehicles in Toronto:

1.Honda CR-V: 654 incidents

2.Lexus Rx350: 418 incidents

3.Honda Civic: 260 incidents

4.Land Rover Range Rover: 225 incidents

5.Toyota Highlander: 200 incidents

6.Ford F150: 176 incidents

7.Honda Accord: 145 incidents

8.Toyota Corolla: 123 incidents

9.Toyota Rav4: 70 incidents

10.Hyundai Elantra: 62 incidents.

Meanwhile, according to the reports of CP24, it has been said that “Toronto police want residents to be aware of a few steps that can be taken to prevent vehicle thefts.”

“When parking your vehicle, ensure you lock any valuables out of sight, completely close all windows and doors, and turn your wheels to the side to make your vehicle harder to tow”, it reads.

Park in a well-lit, attended area, if possible, Police suggest. They also suggest backing into your driveway if you have a rear-wheel drive car and parking the front-end first if you have a front-wheel drive car.

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