Byg Byrd Warns People For Sharing Fake News As His Song Heartbreak Gets Leaked

It looks like the trend of leaking projects prior to their release is not coming to an end. After many artists, now Byg Byrd has become a victim to this as his song Heartbreak recently leaked on social media.

Byg Byrd took it to his Instagram account and shared a story with all his fans. In the story, he revealed that he & his team has not leaked the song. And he brought it in highlights that he was not the only one having the song as the artist and some others also had the song saved.

He has also released a warning for the people who are planning to share the song or any made-up news about the leaked song on their YouTube Channel or any other social media platforms.

He wrote,
“Anyone using my image or spreading fake news will be receiving a copyright strike on their channel.”

The song has received a lot of attention since it got leaked. There are various fans who are comparing Heartbreak with Sidhu Moosewala’s recently released Brown Shortie (MooseTape). They believe both the songs sound very similar.

But neither Byg Byrd nor Sidhu Moosewala has released any comment or statement about the same.


And on the work front, Byg Byrd has an upcoming song ‘Sit Down’ with Tarna and featuring Billy Blamo which is ready to release anytime soon.

The duo’s last song Gurti was also a big success.

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