These Two Desis Made Sharabi Version Of Chitta Kurta Song; And We Are Not Getting Over It

Karan Aujla’s Chitta Kurta was an absolute banger. This song featuring Gurlez Akhtar surrounds a couple in which the woman complains that why his husband has indulged into a fight which has led to the staining of white kurta. 

Chitta Kurta is a perfect dance and travel song which energizes you within a few minutes. From its music to vocals and cinematography, this song is unmatchable. The official video of Chitta Kurta has received over 245 million + views on YouTube which makes it a superhit track. 

Now, a video is getting viral on Instagram in which 2 men have recreated a new version of Chitta Kurta and the netizens can’t get over it. 

Goshi and Pawan, the two desi men have recreated a sharabi version of Karan Aujla’s Chitta Kurta song. 

In this video one person is playing an instrument and the other person is assisting him with the singing. Their main line is “meat wale dongey saare saaf karte, tayio chitta kurta ni libad gaya” ( have eaten all the meat from the bowl as if it’s squeaky clean which is why the white kurta got stained). 

After this video went viral, the netizens flooded the comment section with their love and funny comments.

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