Did You Know Wamiqa Gabbi’s Mother Once Gave Her Pet To Milkman

Did You Know Wamiqa Gabbi’s Mother Once Gave Her Pet To Milkman

Popular actress Wamiqa Gabbi who always buzzes the headlines for her projects is not only a marvelous actor but a great human being. Her fans are definitely aware of the fact that the actor is an animal lover, especially dogs. She rescues stray dogs and sometimes adopts them. 

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And regarding her love for dogs she disclosed one of the incidents. Wamiqa said that, during the shoot of Nikka Zaildar 2, she found a little puppy and she carried the pup to her hotel. Nobody was aware that she brought this little creature to her room. As whenever she starts crying, she tries to pamper and shower her love to the puppy. 

So one fine day, she decided to hand over the puppy to her mother as she was going to be busy shooting for at least ten days. She took the puppy to her parent’s house and asked her mother to take care of it. She further told them that whenever she comes back from shooting, she’ll take the dog to Mumbai.

Unfortunately, when she landed at her home, she didn’t find the pup and her mother told that they gave it to Milkman. She was surprised and stunned by her mothers wickedness.

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The actress has shared a different bond with dogs and was the owner of one dog for some time, but in the lockdown she ended up owning three more dogs, taking her total pet tally to four. Her love for dogs can easily be seen in her social media pictures.

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