Dilpreet Kour Reacts To Hate Faced By Her For Opposing Simiran Kaur Dhadli’s ‘Lahu Di Awaaz’

Lahu Di Awaaz by Simiran Kaur Dhadli has divided people in two sections. There’s one section in complete support of the song while the other is bashing the song for glorifying patriarchy and slut shaming. Social Media Influencers and Celebrities have also expressed their views on the song.

One such social media influencer to present her views on the song is Dilpreet Kour. The famous Punjabi social media influencer is known for making lip sync videos on Punjabi songs. Recently, she expressed her views on Simiran Kaur Dhadli’s ‘Lahu Di Awaaz’. The influencer was completely against the song and criticised Simiran for writing such a song.

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Sharing a post by Khamkha Photo Artist that called Simiran’s song ‘definition of slut shaming’, Dilpreet said that she was a fan of the artist but with ‘Lahu Di Awaaz’, she was left disappointed. In the stories that followed, she also wrote that she is free to present her opinion on her own page.

Definition Of Slut Shaming: Khamkha Photo Artist Criticizes Simiran Kaur Dhadli’s Lahu Di Awaaz

But her opinion did not go well with the supporters of the ideology of Lahu Di Awaaz. The young influencer was subjected to a lot of criticism by people on social media. Dilpreet has now finally reacted to the hate speech. She was subjected to a lot of hate in the comment section of a post shared by a Punjabi Instagram page, bashing Dilpreet for her views. 

She shared a screenshot of a comment under the same post that called comments under that post ‘shameful’. The user wrote that, “This is our Virsa where a girl does not have the right to present her opinion. This is our Virsa that is using such foul language for a young girl. This is our Virsa that is abusing a girl”.

Dilpreet shared the screenshot on her Instagram story and questioned the Equality, Freedom of Speech, Virsa, Respect and Culture of the people slamming her for presenting her views. This is not the first time that a famous personality has been criticised for presenting their ‘opinion’. Dilpreet Kour is just another name on the list.

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