Do You Know Singer Satinder Sartaj Always Clicks A Picture Of His Hostel Room Number Whenever He Sees It

Ever got a chance to experience hostel life? If not then you ought to realise those moments which hostelers cherish forever in their life. Staying away from home is not that easy. When you have no one to pamper, no one to serve food, no assistance for your work, no TV or freedom to go out anytime you want, you are bound to feel homesick. However, those lucky ones who make friends way too easily rarely ever miss home. True friends at hostel make you relish hostel life over college life.

Hostel life, Certainly it’s a roller coaster ride leaves you with so many memorable moments full of fun, frolic, laughter, celebrations and many more. Whether you become a celebrity or a big entrepreneur. You will never forget the moments you spend in your hostel. The same is the story of our Black Prince, Satinder Sartaj.

Singer Satinder Sartaaj probably exemplifies what many who have walked through Panjab University’s corridors have been heard saying – that a person who has spent at least two years on the campus will never be able to forget the experience. Such is the attachment with his alma mater and particularly his hostel room number – 1/43 – that Sartaaj, who has spent eight years on the Panjab University campus, says he still attains the particular number in one way or the other.

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In one of his interviews he says, The registration number of my car and my mobile number ends with 143. Wherever I see this number, either in India or abroad, I do not forget to click its picture and keep it with me,” 

Moreover, nobody feels happy after leaving the hostel, the same is the experience of this Sufi Singer. He was sad when he left his second home, which is his University, where he learned, taught and made memories.

Talking of his professional work, the singer was last seen in the movie Ikko Mikke and is readying for his upcoming movie Kali Jota with Neeru Bajwa.

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