Drake Becomes The First Artist In History To Have 150 Songs With Over 100 Million Spotify Streams Each

When you are one of the biggest music icons in the world, breaking records everyday is not much of a deal for you. Drake is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the history of world music. The sensational music icon earned yet another record to his name. He has become the first ever artist in history to have 150 songs with over a hundred million streams each on Spotify.

Earlier in the year, Drake became the first-ever artist to cross the 50 Billion streams mark on Spotify. One of his most famous tracks, God’s Plan, released in the year 2018 alone has over 1.6 billion streams on Spotify. So considering the artist’s stats, all these stream-feats are something very obvious. 

Drake was recently named the ‘Artist Of The Decade’ by Billboard’. One of the most reputed song charts in the world, Billboard Hot 100 has witnessed more top-10 Drake songs in it than by any other artist in the history of music.

After all the mind-blowing achievements to his name, Drake has added yet another big one to the list. Being the only artist to ever live to have 150 songs over 100 million Spotify dreams is an achievement few can only dream of, but the name ‘Drake’ has such aura to it that it isn’t even a surprising feat. 

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