Fact Check: CM Charanjit Singh Channi Was A Punjabi Singer Before Joining Politics?

The politics of Punjab took the most unexpected turn when the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh offered his resignation from the post, while the 16th Punjab Legislative Assembly Elections are just months away. Charanjit Singh Channi was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Punjab. A news spread regarding the profession of the new CM of Punjab that he was a singer before joining politics. Is the news actually true or just a rumour?

Many photos of singers with the name of ‘Charanjit Channi’ started getting viral on social media. Many believed the pictures and the fact that the current CM of Punjab was actually a singer. But the truth is, CM Charanjit Singh Channi was never a singer throughout his life. The pictures that are getting viral are actually of some other singers that share the same name as the CM, but are different people.

One of them is a singer named Charanjit Channi, who released the song ‘Tere Honge Chandriye Phere’. He is rumoured to be the same man as the CM of Punjab but both of them are actually different people.

Source: Anand Music Company

To check the fact, the singer Charanjit Channi was recently interviewed in 2017 and the CM of Punjab was actually serving as the Minister of Technical Education and Training at that time.

Another singer with the same name has also been rumoured to be the same man as the CM of Punjab, but once again, the information is totally false. The singer had released a music album, ‘Waffa’ through V Pearl Music. 

To verify the fact, the same singer was recently interviewed in 2019. He also released the song ‘Alvida Yaaran Nu Kehke’ in 2018 and at that time, the CM of Punjab was again serving as a cabinet minister under Captain Amarinder Singh’s leadership.

So this decimates all the rumours regarding the current CM of Punjab being a singer before joining Politics. He was never a singer and the rumours that are being spread are only on the basis of the singers sharing the same name as the CM, there are no other links between them.

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