Gangsta (Way Ahead) Review: Karan Aujla & YG Bring Out A Perfect Gangster Track!

The most awaited collaboration, Karan Aujla X YG is finally here. Soon after releasing the official audio version of the whole EP Way Ahead, Karan Aujla has now dropped the official music video of ‘Gangsta’ from Way Ahead, featuring American rapper YG.

The audio version of the track had already made the fans fall in love with the vibe, the video has just made it even better. Karan Aujla and YG are looking absolute dope with their costumes in the video, directed by none other than Rupan Bal. 

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With all the fire in the background, it gives the video a rather ‘lit’ look which goes absolutely well with the vibe and the lyrics of the song. The red tint adds another layer of the ‘bloody’ effect to the video. There’s a shot in the video where Karan Aujla can be seen in front of a fighter jet, it was absolutely stunning. 

Gangsta (Way Ahead) Review

And the VFX! We always talk about the best vocalists, best lyricists, best video directors, best music producers, but we always fail to give their due credits to the artists behind the actual soul of a music video, the VFX artists. And Dilpreet VFX is Way Ahead…..

Gangsta (Way Ahead) Review

The VFX at each and every part of the video make it much more visually stunning and appealing. Be it the red crystal lighting behind Karan Aujla, the swift transitions, the part where Aujla is standing between the mirror maze, every shot is well taken!

Overall, it is brilliant, visually stunning and a video that goes along with the hyped up vibe of the song. Karan Aujla has nowhere disappointed the fans with Way Ahead and Rupan Bal and Dilpreet’s work has also been appreciable in the music video of Gangsta.

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