Garry Sandhu Trolls Sidhu Moosewala Following His Defeat In Punjab Polls

Punjab Assembly Elections brought out surprising results as Punjab decided which political party will serve them for the next 5 years. Some constituency results were beyond shocking, and one among them was Mansa. Sidhu Moosewala conceded defeat at the hands of AAP’s Dr. Vijay Singla with a huge margin of around 60,000+ votes. Following the results, Garry Sandhu shared a meme video on his official Snapchat handle.

The video first plays Sidhu Moosewala’s song ‘Youngest In Charge’ wherein Sidhu confirms his victory from Mansa Seat even before the elections process. Sidhu is heard saying that he will lead from Mansa Seat and rest of the candidates will subside like foam in front of him. The next part of the video shows a news reporter saying that Sidhu is trailing with around 14,000 votes.

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Garry captioned the video, “Maut mardi na bandey nu ta ego mardi”, lines from one of Garry Sandhu’s 2014 superhit song, ‘Ego’. The two have been often involved in controversies and a few months ago, were indulged in an online spat over social media. Sidhu Moosewala had made a comment about some artists first stating that their vocals were damaged and then go onto release songs. The audience had connected it with Garry Sandhu’s statement made during COVID-era that he had damaged his vocal tone and would probably never sing again.

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Garry Sandhu had later come online a few days after Sidhu’s statement and said that some people believe that they are the only ones who speak truth in this world. He had also made abusive gestures in the video shared over social media. The audience speculated that the reply was targeted towards Sidhu Moosewala.

The name of the two artists has once again come into the online arena. While Gary Sandhu shared the video, there hasn’t been any comments made by Sidhu Moosewala regarding the issue. Sidhu had thanked the people of Mansa after they gave their mandate and is yet to react to all the stuff going on social media about him.

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