Getting ‘Fully Vaccinated’ May Help To Meet Your Life Partner. Here Is How

If you’re single, a man and looking for marriage proposals, then this special matrimonial advertisement might attract you or catch your attention. In the ongoing chaos of COVID-19, getting vaccinated has become a mandatory task in itself. 

And it looks like we need to get more serious about it, because getting vaccinated may let you enjoy various benefits, like easy trips abroad and even finding a vaccinated life partner. We aren’t saying this, a recent and extremely viral matrimonial ad has helped us make up our mind.

Recently Shashi Tharoor shared a tweet in which he posted a picture of a matrimonial ad in which the bride is looking for a groom. To make it more elaborated we can say, a vaccinated bride is looking for a vaccinated groom. 

While mentioning the qualities she would prefer in a boy, she wrote, 

“Desires alliance with Roman Catholic boy, 28-30 years, postgraduate, independent, patient, humorous & read books, Covishield vaccinated (both doses). “

While sharing it, Shashi Tharoor left a valid question as he wrote,

“Vaccinated bride seeks vaccinated groom! No doubt the preferred marriage gift will be a booster shot!? Is this going to be our New Normal?”

The mention of ‘Covishied vaccinated’ has caught the attention of many on the internet and the ad has been going viral since then. 

While some netizens are sharing their opinion about the same by reposting the tweet, some are claiming the picture is fake and has been edited on mobile.

There is no confirmation about if the ad is original or edited but one thing is for sure that this ad has entertained the social media and is definitely post of the day.

Final Words:
Lagta hai janam patri ke saath ab vaccination certificate bhi dikhana padega. Welcome to the new normal!

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