Global Music Icon Drake Puts Indian Origin Canadian Rapper Nav’s Picture On Instagram Story

Global Music Icon Drake Puts Indian Origin Canadian Rapper Nav’s Picture On Instagram Story

Canadian rapper Drake, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest music icons in the world, is also one of the most famous western rappers among the Punjabi community. Drake has recognised Punjabi music on many occasions. His links with Punjabi star Sidhu Moosewala is just an example.

Recently, the music icon put up a shocking Instagram story. He uploaded the picture of Canadian rapper ‘Nav’, whose real name is Navraj Singh Goraya. Nav hails from a Sikh family and his parents belonged to Punjab, India. The star was born in Toronto, Canada and was introduced to music by his uncle, who was a renowned singer in Punjab. 

The Punjabi Superstar Who Worked With Drake: “Nav” Navraj Singh Goraya

He started making mashups in High School and slowly rose to fame as a rapper. He began his career as a producer by co-producing Drake’s single ‘Back To Back’ in 2015. He further went on to gain mainstream attention with his song ‘Myself’. He is currently signed to the Weeknd’s Record Label, XO Records. 

It is clear from the fact that Nav has good relations with Drake. The story that Drake put up on his Instagram was surprising to everyone. He even wrote the text ‘I look good AF here…Good Morning World’. Drake called himself similar to Nav in his looks. Do you think that both the artists look similar?

The public is also speculating a probable collaboration with the artists in the future. Nav is even followed by Drake on Instagram. Provided they have good relations and Drake has even called himself similar to Nav, do you believe we could see this collaboration in the future? Nav has previously collaborated with Drake as a music producer, but never as a rapper featured in any of his songs. It would be a treat to watch the both rappers on a single track.

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