‘I Feel Sorry For You’: Parmish Verma Reacts To Kangana Ranaut’s Statements On Sikhs

Kangana Ranaut has been a centre of criticism and public backlash following her recent remarks made through social media, referring to Sikhs as ‘Mosquitoes’ and seemingly glorifying the Sikh Genocide of 1984. Now, Punjabi superstar Parmish Verma has also reacted to Kangana’s statements.

Parmish Verma took to his official Instagram handle and wrote that there are some people who talk shit on social media to impress idotic people like them. He cleared it in the same story that the singer-actor was referring to Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. “I feel sorry for you”, wrote Parmish for Kangana.

It is not something new to see Kangana Ranaut in headlines for controversies. The actress has received a permanent ban from Twitter and her official account was suspended for making controversial statements. Similarly, she has also had a history of FIRs and legal complaints against her. 

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Recently, another FIR was filed against the actress for calling Sikhs mosquitoes and glorifying the Sikh Genocide ‘84. She also posted a picture in a hot outfit, saying that she will wait for Police to come and arrest in that outfit. Just a few days ago, she was awarded the fourth highest civilian honour of the country, Padma Shri.

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And before that, she was in the headlines for making a statement that many described as ‘the most disturbing thing to hear’. She allegedly called India’s freedom of 1947 alms (Bheekh) and said that India actually got freedom in 2014, possibly referring to BJP forming the government. And now once again the actress is in trouble!

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