Is The Dispute Between Sharry Maan And Parmish Verma Unravelled?

Is The Dispute Between Sharry Maan And Parmish Verma Unravelled?

Punjabi singer Parmish Verma has recently stepped into the new journey of his life as the singer exchanged the vows with the love of his life Geet Grewal. The wedding was held in Canada and was a private one, where guests were requested to submit their phones as Parmish didn’t want any picture or video from the function to leak out. This privacy section reportedly didn’t go down well with a number of guests who attended the function, including Parmish Verma’s friend and a prominent Punjabi singer Sharry Maan. 

Sharry, while being drunk, took to his instagram to abuse Parmish and shared his experience in Parmish’s wedding. He also used some harsh words to express his disappointment and anguish. This video of Sharry goes viral on the internet to which Parmish also took to his social media and apologized to the singer.

Why Is Sharry Maan Disappointed After Attending Parmish Verma’s Wedding? Said I’m Not A Reporter

Fans got worried to see both their favourite artists and best friends falling apart but now there’s a great piece of news. As Sharry took to social media and shared some stories to which it is being assumed that the disputes among both the actors are now solved. He also said that he was not the one behind their noise complaints as he doesn’t own any house nearby that city.

Sharry shared a couple of stories which you must not miss.

Both the artists together are not only known for their professional collaborations but their tight bond too. And now there’s some relief among their fans as we can hope everything will soon go back to normal! Also, in this situation the meme, ‘Saare Kalesh Di Jadh Phone Hai’ is suitable.
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