Jaani Announces Sequels Of Jaani Ve Jaani & Apsraa

After various anticipated and exciting announcements for upcoming Punjabi movies, artists have also started dropping details about their upcoming musical projects. The fan-favourite lyricist Jaani has also announced sequels of his two superhit songs. Yes, Jaani will be releasing not one but two musical hits very soon. 

Jaani took it to his Instagram account and made the announcement for all his fans. He shared an Instagram post with a basic ivory sheet with some text on it. It reads, “Jaani Ve Jaani 2 Completed” and “Apsraa 2 Completed”.


If you’re a fan of Jaani, you must be aware that both Jaani Ve Jaani and Apsraa are two of the highly appreciated songs from Jaani’s discography. While Jaani Ve Jaani was released in 2019 and featured Afsana Khan in it, on the other hand, Apsraa was released in 2021. 

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Both these songs are much loved and appreciated among Jaani fans. Hence, the announcement of their sequels has made everyone excited. Though the popular lyricist has not revealed any details about the expected release of the songs, we are expecting them to be out soon. 

Let us wait for Jaani to officially announce the release date of both Jaani Ve Jaani 2 and Apsraa 2.

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