Jagdeep Sidhu Lashed Out On Ongoing Backlash For Punjabi Artists Working In Bollywood

Jagdeep Sidhu Lashed Out On Ongoing Backlash For Punjabi Artists Working In Bollywood

This September, it will be a year since the central government passed the agricultural laws that began a protest which turned out to be one of the biggest protests in the world. The public sentiment of the people of Punjab is still with the farmer’s rights and the protest is still going on.

The protest had two aspects, first, the fight against the centre for repeal of the laws, second, fight against various factors that are considered by the public to be the cause of the ongoing exploitation of the middle and lower class in the industry. This includes various companies, media houses, prominent people and much more.

The major agitation of the people of Punjab include boycotting of Bollywood, various media houses and companies and their products. Recently, the people have shown huge disappointment with Punjabi artists for working in various Bollywood projects and with companies considered responsible for promoting anti-farmer sentiment. This has fetched Punjabi stars heavy criticism and backlash. 

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Punjabi artists involved in recent projects like Filhaal 2, Bhuj: The Pride Of India, Dil Diyan Gallan talk show, Jazba show have faced heavy criticism online, even leading to people calling for a boycott of the artists involved. So, Jagdeep Sidhu today decided to present his take on the issue.

Jagdeep Sidhu said that the projects that are coming before people’s eyes today, are not recent. These are projects of those times when farmer’s protest wasn’t a thing. He added that even the public criticising the industry today, used to watch Bollywood films in those times. He urged people to not make hasty decisions and start commenting without full information. 

In his second story, he specifically targeted the industry people, who are very well aware of everything but still take advantage of the situation. These specific industry people always say that they did not go for Bollywood projects, why are other stars running behind them? Answering them, Jagdeep Sidhu said that Punjabi stars are going to Bollywood because they are much more talented than you and have achieved everything with their hard work. 

Jagdeep Sidhu was seen taking a stand for the artists of the industry facing public backlash. Through his stories he was very clearly requesting people to stop being hasty in their judgements and get an insight into the information before commenting. Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Neeru Bajwa, B Praak and many other Punjabi artists have been subjected to immeasurable criticism and Jagdeep Sidhu stood for them today!

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