‘Karan Aujla Has No Connection With Lawrence Or His Brother’, Guy Who Booked Him For The Wedding Function

The current hot topic of discussion among the Punjabi audience is Karan Aujla’s viral video from a wedding function. The video showed Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala’s murderer Lawrence’s brother in a single frame that made the audience go wild over the artist. However, both Karan Aujla and Sharry Maan have cleared out the rumors by releasing statements of not being associated with either Lawrence or his brother. Aujla even mentioned that he was there in the reception on demand of one of his common friends. 

But the audience couldn’t rest even then and continued the trolling further. Now, a video has just been released which has the guy, who booked Karan Aujla for the wedding function, in it. The person came to be known as Ajinder Deo who is a reported close friend of Karan Aujla and is the same person behind Aujla’s presence in the wedding reception whose video is floating all over. 

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Releasing a video and statement, Ajinder mentioned not to link either Karan Aujla or Sharry Maan with Lawrence or his brother (who was present in the function). He said that artists are just booked to perform and do his job, they are not aware of everybody’s presence in the surroundings. 


The official statement reads, ‘Plz stop linking an artist with any individual which has huge consequences….An artist never knows who is attending a function. He was not a guest, he was a performer who did his part at his end, it was not a private gathering at his residence. If he would know who that individual was, do you think that he would allow anyone to take pictures of him? He had bodyguards with him and they would have stopped people from taking any kind of pictures.

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The entire incident spread like a wildfire on the internet and the audience had several questions in mind over the same. However, both the artists had put forward their side of the story at the end and denied all allegations. Moreover, the information is received through social media portals of the people involved in the news and Kiddaan doesn’t deliver any confirmation and verification regarding the whole incident.

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