‘Mai Pehla Memes V Bnonda Rehaan’: The Most Hilarious Memes On CM Channi On Internet

Ever since Charanjit Singh Channi was appointed as the Chief Minister of Punjab, he has been making headlines. Whether it is for his countless daily announcements or his ability to do everything and anything, CM Channi is undoubtedly a great meme material. The Internet does not leave an opportunity to make memes when they find an interesting enough topic and CM Channi is one hell of an interesting person.

The Meme Community has made countless memes on CM Channi and it doesn’t feel like this series will be ending anytime soon, at least till the time he is our CM. We have picked the best memes on CM Channi that you simply cannot miss!

Here Are Top 10 Hilarious Memes On CM Channi


Not only the memes, the internet is as creative in the comment section as they are with the memes. Making CM Channi Mr. Universe 2021 to make him the Times Person Of The Year, Netizens leave no chance to make the most epic comments.

Here Are Some Of The Most Epic Comments Made On CM Channi

Did CM Channi prove to be a competent CM, only the public can tell. But we are sure that he is a great entertainer and gave everyone quality fun time. These memes will never stop coming for sure!

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