Man Kills The Alleged Rapist Of His Wife Using Explosives, Used The Internet To Make Bomb

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for killing a person in his village using explosives. As in a shocking turn of events in Madhya Pradesh, an incident took place in the Ratlam district of the state, and was part of a plan to avenge the alleged gang rape of his wife.

The police said that the perpetrator had planned this attack for the person who was the suspected rapist of his wife. The man was arrested by the police, along with two other villagers, Bhanwar Lal and Dinesh, who were the alleged rapists of his wife. MP man learns the bomb process from internet. 

As quoted by National News, Ratlam superintendent of police Gaurav Tiwari said, “On January 4, villager Lal Singh was killed in an explosion which had taken place near a tube well on his agricultural land. The forensic science expert informed us that the explosion took place due to gelatin rods and detonator.”

Further, In the investigation, it was found that a similar kind of explosion took place in August at the tube well of former sarpanch Bhanwar Lal, but he sustained minor injuries in the incident.

“Police found a family missing from the village after the incident (blast that killed Lal Singh). Police detained the man and his family members from Mandsaur on January 7. During interrogation, the man confessed his crime and also informed that he was taking revenge of gang rape of his wife,” he added.

Apparnetly, “In July this year, Lal Singh, Bhawarlal and Dinesh entered his house and raped his wife. He tried to stop them but they beat him up. Later, the accused threatened him with dire consequences. The man didn’t report the matter to the police but decided to take revenge.”

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According to SP Gaurav Tiwari, the accused learnt how to assemble the bomb from the internet. “He first used the technique on the tube well of Bhanwarlal but he sustained minor injuries in the explosion. Later, he used more gelatin rod to attack Lal Singh,” said the accused to the police. Now, Police are also checking the role of the gang-rape victim in the crime.

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