Meet Harpreet Kaur, The First Sikh Woman To Win An Emmy Award, Who Won 3 More This Year

Is there a field left where Punjabis have not proved themselves? Harpreet Kaur is a name that represents the Sikh community in the field of filmmaking all over the world. The Indian-American Sikh woman has been awarded 3 Emmy Awards by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for producing and directing segments of Season 9 of the TV show ‘Maryland Farm and Harvest’ which will be aired in November this year.

Harpreet Kaur was the first ever Sikh woman to win an Emmy Award, a feat she achieved in 2019. She was then awarded for producing a segment on the sixth season 6th of the same show, Maryland Farm and Harvest. Harpreet Kaur is a producer at Maryland Public Television, an affiliate station of Public Broadcasting Business (PBS).

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Her show ‘Maryland Farm and Harvest’ mainly focuses on “putting a human face on farming, educating viewers about agriculture, and telling the stories of the industry that built this nation and continues to feed the world.”, as per PBS. 

“I thoroughly enjoy conceptualizing, capturing and creatively telling stories. It’s important for me to visually be able to bring these stories to life for our viewers so that they too can experience what life is like on a farm,” Kaur stated in a recent interview. “You have a greater appreciation for your food when you see the effort that goes into sowing every seed, harvesting crops, raising livestock and the hard work that it takes to operate a farm.”

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Not only this, Harpreet Kaur also has her own production company, called ‘Sach Productions’. Her work is always focussed on covering various social issues. Her films ‘A Little Revolution’ focuses on the issue of farmer suicides in India while another film ‘The Widow Colony’, highlights the lives of Sikh women whose husbands were killed in the 1984 Punjab massacre. Her documentaries have been played at the United States Congress as well as at the UK and Canadian Parliament.

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