Movie With Vicky Kaushal? And Much More In Jagdeep Sidhu’s Latest Instagram Q&A

Jagdeep Sidhu, the man who’s set a different example in the Punjabi Film Industry, recently held a Q&A session on his Instagram handle. We all know how creative and interesting Punjabi audiences can be when it comes to asking questions, and a glimpse of it was seen in Jagdeep’s interaction with his fans too!

To begin with, a fan asked Jagdeep Sidhu about when they can see top Bollywood Actor Vicky Kaushal in his movies, as he looks like the perfect actor for those types. Jagdeep Sidhu humbly replied that he needs to work a lot to reach that level yet.

He also congratulated Vicky for getting married to Katrina Kaif recently. There was another shady line in Jagdeep’s congratulatory wish to Vicky. He wrote, “Ladoo bhut sawad c” (the ladoos were very tasty).

This could mean that Jagdeep was probably sent a ladoo box for Vicky’s wedding, as per the existing Indian wedding tradition. Even the photo in the background was of a Ladoo box! 

Another fan asked Jagdeep about the release of the 3rd installment in the superhit Qismat 3. Starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, Qismat was released in 2018 and is still regarded as one of the best romantic dramas ever made in Punjabi Cinema.

The sequel, Qismat 2 made it to the theaters in a pandemic-struck world in September last year. Sharing a picture of Sargun Mehta, that appeared to be an in-movie still from Qismat 3, Jagdeep Sidhu confirmed that Qismat 3 will surely be coming for the audience.

We also got another big update regarding Jaani and Jagdeep’s upcoming collaboration. A fan asked Jagdeep when he will be collaborating with Jaani in a movie. Jagdeep revealed that he already has a collaboration with the top lyricist and composer in the upcoming movie, Moh and Jaani is yet to provide songs for the movie, which could be a reason behind why the movie isn’t released yet! Who knows?

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Another fan wished to see Jagdeep and Maninder Buttar working together on a movie. He asked when will the director-writer be doing a film with Maninder Buttar. Jagdeep replied, “Whenever Maninder Buttar would like to work with him”, and tagged the artist in the story. This means that there isn’t yet a project on which Jagdeep and Maninder are working together but it could also mean big things in the future.

Overall, we got a bunch of updates from Jagdeep’s recent Instagram interaction with his fans. He has a lot of movies planned for 2022 and we’re sure he’s going to make the year as entertaining as possible with his excellent projects.

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