Neeru Bajwa Doing A Film Based On Mandeep Kaur’s Life?

Neeru Bajwa has always been an A-lister in Punjabi cinema with a lot of experience whose work has been commendable and appreciable. She has done various films and characters that have been different from the usual characters that we witness in Punjabi cinema. A recent heart wrenching incident has forced Neeru to do a film on the same too. 

Mandeep Kaur, an Indian-origin woman in New York, committed suicide after suffering domestic abuse for 8-yrs. This incident left many people heartbroken including those of our Pollywood celebs and Neeru Bajwa was one among them. Several resources said that Neeru Bajwa has shown a keen interest in doing a biopic film on the life of Mandeep Kaur. 

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When team Kiddaan reached out to the actress and tried to confirm the rumor then it came out to be true but with an additional crisp to it. The exclusive news we have as of now is that not specifically Mandeep Kaur, but Neeru Bajwa is interested in grabbing a script and doing a film on the topic ‘Domestic Abuse/Violence’. The actress is showing interest to do a movie that has its story revolving around ‘Domestic abuse’ and its normalization in our society these days.

However, there is no official announcement made by Neeru Bajwa as to when this movie is going to happen, maybe soon or maybe later. Let us await further announcements regarding the pre-production of the movie. 

There is no doubt that domestic violence/abuse has been a serious issue in our country these days. A recent Bollywood film, Darlings, featuring Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah was entirely based on the same topic and was loved by the audience in mass. Even if it got released on OTT, Netflix, it has grabbed people’s attention with its unique script and presentation. 

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We are already very eager and curious to see Neeru Bajwa opting for an entirely unique role and script if this happens soon. Meanwhile, the actress had some successful releases so far in this year and we are looking forward to one or two more.

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