Netizen Calls ‘Munna Bhai Ultra Pro Max’ To Police Aspirant Who Hides Bluetooth Device In Wig During Exam

Getting selected in a government job is equal to winning a lottery. Nowadays a lot of exams have been conducted by the government. Be it for police services, teaching, civil jobs and many others. And recently Uttar Pradesh has conducted exams for Sub-inspector in which an aspirant was caught using Desi Jugaad in a desperate attempt to cheat in the exam. Not only netizens but IPS officer Rupin Sharma who shared the video was also amused by this attempt. 

Here are the opinions of the Twitter users, as they are bewildered by this extraordinary experiment. Some class him Munna Bhai Ultra Pro Max and some want to give him Nobel Prize For Cheating. Take a look:

The memes shared by the netizens about this incident are surely funny, but the activity is not. We have always believed in the fact that ‘Cheating Takes You To Nowhere Except Failure’.

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