People In Norway Are Thanking Diljit Dosanjh! Here Is Why?

No one in the world who knows about Diljit Dosanjh can doubt his caliber. The singer and actor is a much loved and appreciated artist of India. With extreme dedication and continuous hard work, the man has become successful and is earning fans from not only Punjabi Industry, but Bollywood and International level as well. And the superstar who is currently busy with his Born To Shine World Tour 2022 has again come to highlight. 

Recently a designer fan named Sussane Honzweiler from Norway gifted a specially designed turban to Diljit Dosanjh on the occasion of the Norwegian Turban Day. She had also made a special short video for Dosanjhwala in which some people from Norway were seen praising and thanking Diljit Dosanjh. If you follow Diljit and his fan pages, you must have come across the video too. Diljit also shared the video and thanked the people for so much love and affection. But do you know why people in Norway are thanking Diljit?

Actually, Norway celebrates Turban Day in the month of April every year, and the turbaned Norwegian people consider Diljit as their idol. In the video also, they are seen saying that he’s the reason why many people have started wearing turbans again. He is the man you keeps his ethics and culture close to his heart and bluntly refuses to betray them at any cost. 

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Sharing the video, Diljit also thanked his fans in Norway for the massive love and especially the fan who gifted him a self designed official Oslo turban. Diljit first holds the turban in his hands, heads down to pay respect to it and then thanks the fan for the gift. 

The video is going viral and it has proved once again that Diljit is not only celebrated in India, but has become an International icon. The artist is earning immense love and double respect every day and we feel all this is exactly what he truly deserves.
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