‘Not In A Good Taste’, Hema Malini Replies To The Shiv Sena Leader Who Compared Roads To Her Cheeks

The Internet is now familiar with hearing the news where Political leaders are seen comparing their constituency roads with that to the cheeks of the actresses. Not just once or twice but these kinds of remarks have been made many times now. And the most recent one is by a Shiv Sena leader. 

Maharashtra Minister of Water Supply and Sanitation Gulabrao Raghunath Patil made the headlines when he compared the road in his Jalgaon Rural constituency to the cheeks of actor-politician Hema Malini. Gulabrao made this remark during a meeting for the Bodwad Nagar Panchayat polls in his district in north Maharashtra on Saturday. 

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In his speech Patil said, “Those who have been MLA for over 30 years should come and check the roads of my constituency. If they are not like Hema Malini’s cheeks then I am ready to resign.” Hema Malini later got to know about this remake by the leader and had a reply to it. 

Hema said that it has become a trend to compare roads with the cheeks of the actresses now and that it was started by Lalu Yadav years back. “If normal people and the public pass such comments then it is not a matter of issue but when the same statements are made by known personalities and Indian leaders then such comments are not in a good taste”, said Hema Malini. 

However, later the senior Shiv Sena leader, Gulabrao Patil apologised for his comment he passed a few days ago by saying that his intention was not to hurt anyone. He claimed that his purest intention was to highlight the good roads in his assembly constituency and if in case his remarks were misunderstood then he would like to apologise for the same.

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Few months back, a Rajasthan minister also took the internet by storm by saying that ‘Roads should be made like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks’. This has now become usual for political leaders to compare the roads to the cheeks of famous actresses and Hema Malini somehow appears to be the one whose cheeks attract the leaders in mass. 

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