Pratik Sehajpal Sprays Deo In Ieshaan Sehgaal’s Eyes, The Latter Hits Rajiv Adatia Accidentally In Return

Pratik Sehajpal Sprays Deo In Ieshaan Sehgaal’s Eyes, The Latter Hits Rajiv Adatia Accidentally In Return

As known, the Bigg Boss show is all about controversies and fights among the contestants. The fights are all common inside the Bigg Boss house and this time also it was no different. Another day and another contestant indulged into a verbal fight with a fellow contender which turned into getting the other house member harmed. 

Rapper Badhshah was the guest on Weekend Ka War that entered inside the house and made the contestants do some fun tasks. He brought gifts for all and asked them to open it and give a gift to the one who deserves it. Miesha Iyer was to give a ‘Deodorant’ to the one who stinks among all the members. Iyer gifted the deo to Pratik Sehajpal saying that his personality stinks a lot. 

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This made Sehajpal angry and the both got into a little verbal dispute. Ieshaan, the rumored boyfriend of Miesha, came in support of his lady love and started making comments on Pratik as Macchar and more. You might already be aware of the fact that Ieshaan & Pratik are not good friends and are seen getting into fights very often. 

During the verbal fight, Pratik sprayed the deo, which was given by Miesha, at the back of Ieshaan many times. Ieshaan got annoyed and in response threw the metal trophy, received earlier as a gift, towards Pratik which accidentally hit the wild card that entered Rajiv Adatia in his hand. In return to this, Pratik too showed his angry side and sprayed the deodorant once more, but this time in Ieshaan’s eyes. This dispute turned out to be very bad and that too in front of the guest, Badshah. 

This was not the first time the fights and disputes turned out to be so ugly. Previously, many other contestants were seen making the worst of the worst remarks against each other and many other physical injuries too. But what is to be done, it is what Bigg Boss is all about. 

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