Prem Dhillon Unfollows Sidhu Moosewala On Instagram. Are The Rumors Of Prem & Sidhu Rift True?

Prem Dhillon Unfollows Sidhu Moosewala On Instagram. Are The Rumors Of Prem & Sidhu Rift True?

The Sidhu Moosewala and Prem Dhillon rumored controversy has taken a turn and now Prem Dhillon has unfollowed the former on Instagram. It is now believed that the rift rumors between both of them might be true. 

Few days ago Sidhu Moosewala posted a snapchat story with his picture in which he was seen targeting and firing shots at an anonymous artist by captioning it as “You might have learnt how to walk holding my finger, but you have still not understood the difference between running and running away”. He also called the person ‘dogla’ (two-faced).” People after that, believed that Sidhu had fired shots at Prem Dhillon. 

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Prem Dhillon even deleted all the posts from his IG profile after this. Now it seems that the strong split rumors are somehow turning true as Prem Dhillon has recently unfollowed Sidhu Moosewala on Instagram. Yet a surprising update in this span of time is that Sidhu Moosewala also uploaded a number of written stories recently which mention, ‘Bitch I Would Slap You But Shit Splatters’ with Sikander Kahlon’s song NOKIA 3310 in addition to it and ‘Did u get paid talking about me Or u still broke #IDGAF”. However the latter story was deleted by Sidhu within a few minutes. 

He then posted another IG story. The reason for these comments are speculated to be Prem Dhillon and his recent acts. It is not clearly visible to whom Sidhu is referring to in his comments but if we believe the ongoing talks of the people then things are not good between Sidhu Moosewala & Prem Dhillon and being the reason, Sidhu Moosewala is hitting on Prem in his recent comments. 

Earlier this day an unconfirmed hint of the upcoming collaboration by Prem Dhillon and Byg Byrd was out and this made fans even more curious for the matter as the former’s rift with Sidhu Moosewala is still not solved and now as Prem is rumored to join hands with Byrd, everything seems to be puzzled. Let’s wait for some official statements from the artists’ side for this ongoing rumor thread so that the rumors can be shut or stated as confirmed news. 

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