Popular Punjabi Singers As Uber Drivers, Whom Do You Want To Ride With?

Uber drivers are not aware of who they are picking up and also passengers usually don’t know a lot about the driver who pulls up. But this paradoxical situation can be good at times.

Sometimes celebrities can amaze uber drivers and passengers with a drop-in. Obviously, Famous people also need rides and they have been known to pop up on the Uber app requesting a ride.

But, it’s different this time, visualize having your favorite celebrity drive you around when you book a car via Uber. Sounds like a fantasy come true? Well, we sure do wish it appears true. And what will be your reaction if any Punjabi artist will take you for an uber ride?

1. Sidhu Moose Wala

Everyone’s favourite Moosewala has started his career with writing lyrics and slowly turned into a singer. What will your review on his ride be?

2. AP Dhillon

Brown Munde’s singer has topped the chart with his peppy song. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer associated with punjabi music industry. Who doesn’t want to take ride with himZ

3. Arjan Dhillon

Arjan is an Indian Punjabi Singer and has many hits in his kitty like Likhari, Jatt Di Janeman, Mull Pyar da. If he is your uber driver, I am sure you will enjoy every beat of the music till your journey.

4. Gurinder Gill

A singer, rapper and songwriter is associated with AP Dhillon and gave his vocals in the most popular song Brown Munde. He will surely sing and make your ride perfect.

5. Prem Dhillon

A trendsetter for BootCut has amazed us with his outstanding melodies like Just a Dream, Lost Love. And will you be lost in love if he drives you to your home?

6. Karan Aujla

This Geetan Di Machine is everyone’s dream. He not only falls us into his music but his looks as well. Karan is a lyricist turned rapper.

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