What If Your Favourite Punjabi Celebrities Create A Tinder Profile?

Tinder is a dating app, which connects two strangers based on the likes and dislikes of each other. In this era, every young adult has been on similar applications. The success of these dating apps is evidence of youngsters’ interest and inclination. Hence we bring you an absurd yet fun observation.

Have you ever thought, what if Punjabi artists were on Tinder? What would they write about themselves in their description?

Have a look at the following profiles, it will entertain you.

Karan Aujla

His days are fully occupied in zillion artistic projects, hence lance the clock before calling him. Persons who have Mexico on your Vacation site will be prefered.

Prem Dhillon

Even after having a recognised image he must have had doubts about his fame. Just like his songs, he must be questioning his popularity even on Tinder.

Gurinder Gill

Want to examine the English language excellency of Brown Munde, A warning by Gurvinder -Don’t test.

Arjan Dhillon

Arjan is a straight minded person who supports the idea of ‘Rata nu Gouache Kithhe Yaar Labde’. Hence he will never be available at Tinder

Sidhu Moose Wala

Invisible guy of the industry, who keeps installing and uninstalling the app. He owes dangerous animals as a pet, dare not to mess with him.

Ap Dhillon

Insane celebrity of pollywood who himself cautions the world about his attitude. Therefore it is better to excuse him.

Sonam Bajwa

Sonam has a dual personality, on one side she is calm and composed Roop whereas on the other, the Ardaab mutiyaar of the industry. Think wisely before swipe right or left.

Ammy Virk

Nika from Nabha is a perfect match for many profiles, he is also active on his account for a long time now but his khabbi seat is already occupied resultantly, no one gives him a right swipe.

Nimrat Khaira

The most right-swiped girl, but her love for suits will change your financial status overnight. Approach this Batala girl if you are a millionaire.

Tarsem Jassar

Try to right swipe this turbanator at your own risk. Though he is inactive right now hence it’s better to overlook him for your benefit.


Snow White of Pollywood joined tinder to explore a variety of breeds.

Amrinder Gill

Amrinder created his profile once and made everyone crazy about him. He will be back on tinder and then mil ke baithange ta gala bhot karn gye.

What do you think about the Tinder description of the mentioned profiles? The owner of this hypothetical artwork is an Instagrammer whose account is named BramptoonHood. If you find this content out of the box, follow the page asap.

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