Very Rare Blue Diamond Auctioned In Geneva; Auction Price Will Shock Everyone

Diamonds are every woman’s best friends. Not only women, but they are a man’s prized possession too. We all have seen the basic sterling silver diamond and maybe the rose gold one too, but have you ever seen a blue diamond?

A rare blue diamond called Bleu Royal was auctioned in Geneva on Tuesday for a whopping amount of $43.8 million which is around ₹365 crores in the Christie’s Jewel auction. This makes it one of the most expensive diamonds ever to be sold at an Auction.

Source: BBC

The weight of this vivid blue diamond is around 17.61 carats and it is expected that the diamond fetched around $35 million and $50 million. The intense bidding session went on upto 7 minutes  and after that it was fetched by an anonymous private bidder who snapped the diamond for ₹39.505 million, Swiss Francs (43.8 million) which is inclusive of the tax and fees.

 Max Fawcett, Christie’s head of jewelry in Geneva told the AFP, “the rough material itself was so rich that they were able to cut it into a classic brilliant faceting style.” He also added that “it is in the top-10 most expensive lots ever sold in terms of jewelry.”

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