Read How Simar Doraha’s Prediction About Arjan Dhillon’s Career Came True!

Nobody knows what they are destined to do. But some intuitions and vibes are all that can be believed for one’s life. Same once felt Punjabi artist Simar Doraha for Arjan Dhillon and without any doubt it has got true in an absolute form. 

Not so popular in 2019, Simar Doraha was struggling to make his name in the Punjabi music industry and that was also the time when Arjan Dhillon was in the same space as that of Simar. Simar Doraha in January 2019 messaged the latter on Instagram by saying that he is going to shine all over the Punjab with his skills in the coming 5 years. 

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But it happened way before that and at the present time Arjan Dhillon is one among the most loved Punjabi singers as well as lyricists. Simar Doraha in 2019 conveyed his greetings as a fellow artist or maybe a follower to Arjan and praised him for what he was doing.

“I am not sure if you know me now or later but your name is gonna shine all over the Punjab in the coming 5 years. I am getting positive intuitions.”, conveyed Simar via text and to this Arjan too had a sweet reply in return.  

As per his caption, Simar was opposed to his beliefs as people used to repel him by saying that Arjan does not have looks for being in this line and cannot succeed, but Simar always said that when you have talent filled in yourself then it is what speaks up rather than just looks and other stuff.  

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Today, everyone is very well aware of both the names of the industry and enjoy listening to their melodies which they pen down on their own. Arjan Dhillon, who has just released his album Awara, is getting an immense response for it and Simar Doraha too is making amazing songs for the audience. 

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