Child Actor Riva Arora’s Instagram Account Removed, Reel With Karan Kundra The Suspected Reason?

Renowned child actor Riva Arora’s account has been removed from Instagram. However, it’s still unclear whether it went offline or has been deactivated. Notably, her accounts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, are active but barely visible. Moreover, she has the most followers on her Instagram.

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Notably, Riva, 12, along with adult male actor Karan Kundra was seen in an Instagram reel, in which one of the scenes was shot in a bar setup. As soon as the reel went viral, the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) took cognisance of the controversial video, following which, the clip was later taken out. 

On the other hand, Nisha Arora, Riva Arora’s mother, on November 18, sent a letter of apology to the commission. In an Instagram note, she stated: 

“I, Nisha Arora, tender my apology for the video I made for my daughter Riva Arora’s account where I used alcohol setup and which created so much problem and bad image in the society. I heartily believe being an actor and role model for society, we should portray a good image in society. I wanted to request all child actors and their parents to avoid such kinds of videos. I will take care in future, and I have given an apology letter to the NCPCR and given them all the clarifications related to the issue.”

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The video featuring actor Riva Arora with Kunal Kundrra, 38, went viral on October 19. In the clip, Kundrra portrayed Riva’s boyfriend who was already involved with another man. Notably, the purpose of the reel was to show that the actress had affairs with two different guys. However, the clip sparked controversy, leading to removal/deactivation of Riva Arora’s Instagram account.

The most controversial thing here was the dress Riva was wearing, which was too revealing. Later, on October 23, her mother said that Riva is not 12 and that she’s in 10th standard and is 14-15-year-old, but still a minor who has no idea of hyper sexualisation. However, the derogatory comments on Riva’s videos and photos sparked controversies. 

The most recent song featuring Riva Arora, which was posted on YouTube on December 15, shows Riva dancing in a disco-bar setup on the song “Disco Wali Raat.” Sung by Sakshi Holkar, the song also includes actor and influencer Abhishek Kumar, who is 22 years old. Moreover, the YouTube channel on which the video was uploaded, has disabled the comments on the song.

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