After Samdish Bhatia, Shahbaz Ansar Now Departs From WhoopScoop’s Unscripted

Ever since Samdish Bhatia’s sudden departure from Unscripted, ScoopWhoop has been in turmoil. In a shocking move, now Shahbaz Ansar has departed from ScoopWhoop’s spin-off, WhoopScoop’s subsidiary, Unscripted. Shahbaz tweeted and let out this information for the public.

On 30 October, 2021, Samdish Bhatia had left the fans of ScoopWhoop completely shocked by announcing departure from Unscripted through an Instagram post. It was only after a few months when Samdish revealed that he was allegedly sexually assaulted by the then-CEO of ScoopWhoop, Sattvik Mishra, which resulted in him resigning from ScoopWhoop and starting his own Youtube channel, Unfiltered by Samdish.

After Samdish, Shahbaz Ansar was an important figure for Unscripted. Following months of inactivity on the Unscripted’s Youtube Channel due to Samdish’s departure, it was finally with Shahbaz Ansar that Unscripted had a revision of its content. Unscripted began their interview series ‘Icebox’ with Shahbaz.

Now, in the most shocking news, Shahbaz Ansar has announced his departure. This has put Unscripted and their series ‘Icebox’ in trouble again. In the announcement tweet, he also added that he is totally unsure about what he has to do ahead.

The official Instagram handle of Unscripted has also been lying inactive for months now!  

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