Shareek 2: Dev Kharoud And Jimmy Sheirgill Starrer Upcoming Punjabi Movie Gets A New Release Date

2022 is well occupied in terms of new Punjabi movies. Apart from the new movies being announced, previously announced movies are also getting renewed and getting new release dates. Shareek 2 is one of them and has again got a new release date now! 

2015 released Shareek was a massive box office hit and since the announcement of its sequel was made, fans couldn’t rest their excitement bars. Shareek 2 was awaited for a long time for its release. The movie was earlier scheduled for its release on 24 July 2020 but due the global pandemic of Coronavirus it was postponed. Then its release was expected in 2021 but the dates of the same were never released by the team. 

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2022 brought hopes of its release and the date, 29 April 2022 was finalised for Shareek 2’s release. We were just waiting for the movie to release this month but lately the makers uploaded a post with another fresh release date of the movie. Shareek 2 will now release on 29 July 2022.

This movie features Dev Kharoud and Jimmy Sheirgill in the lead and opposite roles. Directed by Navaniat Singh and produced under White Hill studios & Vivek Ohri, Shareek 2 revolves around 2 brothers Jaswant Randhawa (Jimmy) and Gurbaaz Randhawa (Dev) & their dispute for an unknown context, as of now. Yograj Singh will also feature in this much awaited film and the expectations are that his character will portray the role of Jimmy and Dev’s father. 
We are eagerly awaiting for 29 July when this most anticipated sequel of 2015-release Shareek will hit the big screens and people’s wait could be put to rest. Let’s see what magic this movie creates upon the audience and if it really qualifies to be the official sequel of the superhit film, Shareek.

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