Sharry Maan’s Girlfriend From England Finally Revealed

Sharry Maan’s Girlfriend From England Finally Revealed

Sharry Maan had uploaded a post on his instagram account regarding his girlfriend from England. He had promised his fans to introduce the girl in his life the next day. And today, he finally revealed who his girlfriend from England is. But it’s not what we were all expecting.

One would expect a beautiful girl to be Sharry Maan’s girlfriend, but it is not the case here. Sharry Maan’s girlfriend that had so much hype built around it is actually a car. It is a Land Rover Discovery that Sharry Maan has bought, and this was the girlfriend Sharry was talking about, more like a carfriend.

When Sharry uploaded the post, the audience was excited but at the same time, did not believe the naughty-mind of Sharry Maan. People who’ve followed Sharry and are familiar with his personality, know that this man cannot stop himself from pranking around and having fun. 

People were making guesses regarding the probable Girlfriend-reveal. Some believed it to be a real girl while others made speculations about it being a song. Some even considered it all to be just a prank and nothing would be revealed. 

Good news is that at least it wasn’t an empty prank but it surely was one. We didn’t get to see our Sharry Maan with a girl but we are happy for the new carfriend in his life. Sharry uploaded a picture on his instagram account with his new Land Rover Discovery ride.

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