Sidhu Moosewala Replies To Capt Amarinder Singh For Calling Him A ‘Gangster’

Sidhu Moosewala has been a constant talk of the nation ever since he joined Politics and that too, the Congress party. He has been on an interview tour for a few weeks now and in a recent interview, he has talked about the reported comment that Capt. Amarinder Singh had made for him earlier. 

During the talk session in a recent interview, when Sidhu was asked about the then made continuous efforts of him joining Congress at the time Capt. Amarinder Singh was in the party and was the CM of Punjab, the former had a very well built reply.  

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Sidhu Moosewala said that recently Mr. Singh made a statement where he was seen saying that ‘Congress Is Making Gangsters Join The Party Now’. To this Sidhu replied securely by saying, “Shayad Thonu Main Gangster Laggda Hounga, Je Main Gangster Si, 4.5 Saal Thodi Sakaar Si, Kyon Ni Fadeya Mainu!”.

“Maybe he thinks I am a Gangster, I might agree with his statements for his satisfaction but he is way more smarter and experienced than me in his work and life. If I were a Gangster then why had he not made me arrested at the time when he was in power for a very long span of time, 4.5 years”, said Sidhu. 

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Talking about the efforts that Capt. Amarinder Singh made to join his party, Sidhu opened up by saying that Capt. Singh called him and asked him to join hands with the latter in his party. “Just before my political joining, he called me and asked me to meet him at Siswan Farms (Captain’s Farmhouse) related to joining his party. When I denied the offer and joined Congress, he started calling me a Gangster now. If he would have rather made changes to the state and to his succession then making statements every now and then, then things would have been different currently.”

Sidhu also talked about a 1-year old event where Singh invited over 50 Pollywood artists except him. “He invited everybody at an event except me. Maybe he takes me as a gangster because of my songs. Do other singers sing religious songs and I am the only one singing songs which promotes gun culture and gangster life? They also sing what I sing, so why does he post photos with other gangsters? Everybody knows me, everybody knows this Gangster-artist and he represents the entire Punjab worldwide.”

The singer turned politician furthermore added that now being in Politics, he is learning the political game better and is very clearly getting every filtered thing related to it as he is now experiencing everything and everything is happening in front of him.
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